How many times did you see, stumble upon, dream about something? Modern life leaves little time for your dreams, and everything is sped up. We are bombarded by information on all fronts, and sometimes we need to take a little break, and acknowledge only the important information.


All our lives, we are taught to repeat, imitate, discourse, and in all that presentation of what we’ve learned, we always add something individual, characteristic, original and unique. Love towards simple forms, toys, natural shapes of wood, and a little bit of willingness to “repair” something already seen, or produce something completely novel, has brought us to creating unique ideas....


Knowledge in horticulture basics and plant growth and survival has helped us to understand and grow our first bonsai trees. By searching for natural and autochthonous specimens convenient for growing, we’ve started to notice old and dried-up trees of peculiar shapes and characteristic details, which could be used in everyday life. Our technical education also simplified the production process of individual elements for the desired objects. We choose and make only that what we are capable of making with standard household equipment, more or less.


It only takes a little bit of time and overcoming everyday challenges to make something new and not yet seen – something different and yet so simple.


(Jedinstveno on Serbian)